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Healthy is a state of Mind...Love+Art=Wellness & M(a)MS Holistic Healing Arts Services are for All Ages . We can share the Happiness and Healing, that the Arts allows our Souls to Fully Express, with those who are ready to Expand their Horizons Infinitely. By Encouraging Deeper Self Knowledge so that You are Challenged to write a new prescription for your Own Harmonious Journey of Life.



Love+Art=Wellness in Partnership with Ma'ms Wellness Wagon

We Encourage Deeper Self Knowledge & Challenge all, into a more Harmonious Life with a Goal of Personal Balance...Coaching you through the practice of Intuitive Arts, Artistic Expression & the Natural Arts for Healing...

Our Methods of  "Childs' Play" teaches, trains and encourages the Use of the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws, to tune your own systems and sensitivities in to your inner self. Inducing a micro-vision journey, into/out of the macro-vision connections for correction, direction, and clarity. We Encourage Self-Mastery through Combining Age-Old Breathing Techniques, Creative Movement, Energy Clearing, Meditation, Aroma, Music, Chakra Colors and Imagination into a work out for the Mind, Body and Spirit. We Help uncover the buried treasures and works of Art in each of us.

It is our pleasure to present specialized trainings that are tapping into the latest discoveries of the Benefits of Healing through Our Artistic Services to all Ages. In addition to Meditation, Making Music, Vision Board, Wand Making, Artistic Coloring and Laughter classes we include exercises to fortify the Creative Muscles, center your attention, and melt away Stress, in Healthy, Wholistic and Organic ways. We share life enriching examples of Living Your Highest Joy and a "Stress Less" Life, through the Practice of the Arts, including the Art of Healing...


  • Our Mission  


Our Mission is earnestly guiding toward your Personal Best and Excellence through the practice of Intuitive Arts, Artistic Expression and the Natural Arts for Healing. 


  • The Vision 


To Extend & Share Self Healing Knowledge through Healthy Arts... Viewing it from the Inner Eyes of the Universal Mind, World-Wide...




Precious MotherLove (Patterson) Sacred Arts Curator, Lifestyle Coach  & Wellness Practioner...

A serial Entrepreneur since age 5, Lives Healthy Arts, is a Published Poet, Photographer, Musician, Vocalist Artist and Artist in Residence, at The Empowerment Center in DC and MD.  Serving 8 years as the Go to Arts Instructor,  who leads both Youth and Adults  in activities and classes that are designed to Strengthen & fortify the Creative Muscles, Centers your attention, and melts away Stress.  As a recently Maryland Board Certified Metaphysician,  Lifelong Healthy Lifestyle Student/Advocate, Divinity and Mystery School Graduate, an active member of the Seasonal  Kwanzaa  &Cultural Camp Staff , she is providing Healthy, Wholistic, and Organic Arts to the Youth in attendance.  Also as  a Recreation Activities Leader and Counselor, Planning and Staffing Community Events, geared to Bring  Fitness, Funds and Fun together to help in Our Communities.   Since 2012 Precious has served as a Co-Leader for the Rites of Passage Program, Youth Mentor Sessions, and is a Rotating Lead for Sunday Sessions, sharing Music, Message, and Media Roles on those occasions.  As a Lifelong Entrepreneur She brings the "out of the Box" Business Mind, and shares life enriching examples of Living Your Highest Joy and a "Stress Less" Life through the Practice of the Arts, including the Art of Healing. She is also Certified in CPR, First Aide, is a Certified National Diabetes Association Ambassador, and was listed on the Maryland Board of Nurses site as a Certified Medical Technician. In addition she is a Former DC Recreation Counselor/Camp Leader and MNCPPC Counselor/Camp Leader,  a Former Girl Scout Troop Leader and Current Rites of Passage Mentor and Co-Lead for a certification program for male and female youth to age 25 and as Well, She is A Member of CERT (Certified Emergencey Response Team) Trained in MD



WHAT WE DO & What You can expect....



.Features & Benefits...

We Share Artistic ways of Naturally Relieving Stress.  
We Introduce and Combine Healing Modalities with Art, to Charge, Revive, and Rejuvenate The inalienable Artist in Everyone.


We Use Healing Tones, Soothing Music, Light/Color Baths, Essential Aroma, Meditation, Healing Touch,  Breathing Techniques, Helpful Holistic Tools, along with Free Expression for Artistic Creation  

We Nurture, Energize, and Revitalize, the Inner Child to Play & Dream, While benefiting the  Mind, Body & Soul Connection and Conditions. Tuning into and re-Aligning With Self

Love+Art=Wellness & M(a)MS Can bring the Zen to You for Your Private or Group Art/Wellness Event or Party  Site.
We Offer a Complimentary Healthy Arts Consultations, modifications,  and participation suggestions. 
We can provide Referrals to Holistic Practitioners, and Accept Approvals for Modifications.


⦁    Better Circulation and increased blood flow to the brain and organs
⦁    Overall better sense of problem solving, 
⦁    Heightened Sensitivites to Inner Self 
⦁    More Moments of Happiness, 
⦁     Healthy Lifestyle changes


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