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Vision Board Workshops

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******Monthly and Specially Scheduled $75 per session ($195 for 3)


Diabetes-  Information and Discussion ADA approved and Holistic Suggestions


Women's Health - Lecture and Discussion of  Wholistic Female Topics

ie: Menopause/Child-Birth/Hormone Balance/Intuitive Womanly or Mothers Sensitivities...


Couple's Health - Lecture and Discussion with Relationship Coaches covering topics that include Karma Sutra, Tantric Arts and Sex Magic.


Organic & Vegan Cooking/Prep Courses- Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Demonstration and preparation instruction


Raise Your Vibe Workshop - Discussion of Healthy Frequency, Laughter, Breathing, Music and Meditation Combined and Designed to Lift Your Spirit


Quarterly Health Fairs - a Panel of Holistic Practitioners from the Collective health Initiative (CHI) will present and discuss seasonal or recent Holistic discoveries and topics. 


WHAT WE DO & What You can expect....



.Features & Benefits...

We Share Artistic ways of Naturally Relieving Stress.  
We Introduce and Combine Healing Modalities with Art, to Charge, Revive, and Rejuvenate The inalienable Artist in Everyone.


We Use Healing Tones, Soothing Music, Light/Color Baths, Essential Aroma, Meditation, Healing Touch,  Breathing Techniques, Helpful Holistic Tools, along with Free Expression for Artistic Creation  

We Nurture, Energize, and Revitalize, the Inner Child to Play & Dream, While benefiting the  Mind, Body & Soul Connection and Conditions. Tuning into and re-Aligning With Self

Love+Art=Wellness & M(a)MS Can bring the Zen to You for Your Private or Group Art/Wellness Event or Party  Site.
We Offer a Complimentary Healthy Arts Consultations, modifications,  and participation suggestions. 
We can provide Referrals to Holistic Practitioners, and Accept Approvals for Modifications.

⦁    Better Circulation and increased blood flow to the brain and organs
⦁    Overall better sense of problem solving, 
⦁    Heightened Sensitivites to Inner Self 
⦁    More Moments of Happiness, 
⦁     Healthy Lifestyle changes


Work on Being Your Best You...
We can't wait to help 
you get started.
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