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Healthy Art Instructions, Forums, Workshops, Group & Private Wellness Sessions

Weekly  - Private & Group Holistic Art Sessions are Presented in 30, 45, 60 and 90+ minute sessions Prices listed are subject to change for specials, discount and special requests.

**Fees and Packages can Vary according to Distance, Supplies and Participants.

 **Fall 2020 Manifestation Meditation and Vision/Life Board Sessions 

New for 2020 Master Manifestation Lesson with Breathing Exercises, a Guided Meditation, 12 Life Goals Worksheet, Self  Commitment Form and Coaching to Create a Take home Storyboard to extend into your home/life experience


2  hour Workshop Session $75  individual / $55 each for Groups of 5 or more

4 hour  Workshop Session $125 individual / $99 each for Groups of 5 or more

On-Site Sessions fees vary based on distance and group size

**Artistic Coloring Experience. (ACE)

Transform and mesmerize your mind with hypnotic interlocking patterns, while listening to meditative sounds, incorporating copper mediation tools, special incense burning and sipping on your choice of Libations with Live Fruit... as we nurture your creativity and express it through Colors. We will encourage you to use Colored Pencils, Chalk, Paint, Gel Pens, Markers and Crayons, to further connect to, or release the inner artist and the inner you.  We will have final thoughts and wrap up discussions at the conclusion of each class. 

Feel free to bring Your Own Markers or Coloring tools and Aprons.

Quickie/Jump Starter - 30 minutes $ 40  

the 40-60 minute Sessions $60

Psychedelic Sixty - 60 to 90 Minute or more Sessions $75 and up  

     Pre-Scribe Your Life - The Golden Pen Life Hack

In the Mindset of Thoth/Tehuti and The Lord of the Khemenu, we will Combine WordSmithing and Spiritual Laws to Script/Scribe/Write (Right) Your Own Therapeutic Routine to Change or Synchronize Your Inner & Outer Mantras (instrument of thought).  We will use written, visual and Auditory elements to create a Treasured Tool for Transformation. Be sure to bring your own special collections of Journals, memoirs, magazines, or photos to incorporate into this very potent project.

Virtual Classes Available at :

120 minute Sessions $75 and 180 minute Sessions $145

     Copper Wand and Wine Workshop

Create, Conjure, and Enchant Your Own Energy Conducting Copper Meditation and or Healing Tool, Wand and Divining Rod. We will use varying combinations of Copper, Gemstones, Crystals, Symbols, Charms and Trinkets in this dynamic project. Hand Tools and alloted selection available, as well as additional gemstones and other accessories for sale.   All while sipping wine or other libations. 2 glass limit. Feel free to bring your own tools, trinkets, symbols, charms, crystals or gemstones to include in this powerful project.  90 to 120 minutes 

*In-House Workshops $65  
*Private Sessions $85 and Up 
 *On-Site Fee $ One Time amount determined by distance and attendance $15.00 & Up

**Wine and Art Session - Create Freestyle and Guided Artistic Projects while relaxing to soothing sounds, Pleasant Aromas and All while sipping wine or other libations. 2 glass limit per 2 hour Session . Art Supplies included .  Paint, Use Color tools or Multi Media Collage Creations to be framed & displayed privately or proudly as a work of Art). 

    *In-House Workshops $65  
    *Private Sessions $85 and Up 
     *On-Site Fee $ One Time amount determined by distance and attendance $15.00 & Up

** Guided Manifestation Meditation - We create the zen with candles, incense, music (with a soothing voice) and your choice of a Copper Meditation tool to use or bring your own.  This combination will assist you in centering your mind, achieving mental clarity, enhances your  focus and increases your attention span.

 *In-House Workshops $35 , 45 and $55 
    *Private Sessions $45, $55 and 75$ 
    *On-Site Fee $ One Time fee determined by distance and attendance $15.00 and Up

 **Laughter and Funny Bone Session - Release stress with Child Like and induced laughter

    *In-House Workshops $35 , $45 and $70 
    *Private Sessions $45, $55 and 85$ 
    *On-Site Fee $ One Time fee determined by distance and attendance $15.00 and Up

  ** Breathing Better Workshop - instruction & practice of better breathing techniques, posture correction and exercises

    *In-House Workshops $35 , $45 and $55 
    *Private Sessions $45, $55 and 65$ 
    *On-Site Fee $ One Time fee determined by distance and attendance $15.00 and Up

 **Make Music Healing Session  - In This Healing  Session You pick a percussion instrument and tap away tension in an energy stirring workout where you can Feel free to Dance to your own drum and musical orchestration.  Sessions are recorded and are available after class.

    *In-House Workshops $35 , $45 and $70 
    *Private Sessions $45, $55 and 80$ 
    *On-Site Fee $ One Time fee determined by distance and attendance $15.00 and Up    
    **personal headphones are allowed

 **Color and Chakra Alignment  - Chakra colored Light, Healing Stones and Reiki Energy Healing, with Consultation.

    *In-House Workshops $35 , 45 and $70 
    *Private Sessions $45, $55 and 85$ 
    *On-Site Fee $ One Time fee determined by distance and attendance $15.00 and Up

Wellness & Art Party Services are bundled and can be tailored to suit your needs...

******Monthly and Specially Scheduled $75 per session ($195 for 3)


Diabetes-  Information and Discussion ADA approved and Holistic Suggestions


Women's Health - Lecture and Discussion of  Wholistic Female Topics

ie: Menopause/Child-Birth/Hormone Balance/Intuitive Womanly or Mothers Sensitivities...


Couple's Health - Lecture and Discussion with Relationship Coaches covering topics that include Karma Sutra, Tantric Arts and Sex Magic.


Organic & Vegan Cooking/Prep Courses- Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Demonstration and preparation instruction


Raise Your Vibe Workshop - Discussion of Healthy Frequency, Laughter, Breathing, Music and Meditation Combined and Designed to Lift Your Spirit


Quarterly Health Fairs - a Panel of Holistic Practitioners from the Collective health Initiative (CHI) will present and discuss seasonal or recent Holistic discoveries and topics. 

Tweens to Teens Turbo Arts

Youth Healthy Art Services  - for Individuals, Parties, Schools & Scouts

Tweens and Teens 9 to 19 (ADA friendly)

Art Sessions - Age appropriate groups - Creative Projects from Dream Boards to Extreme Coloring while listening to Soothing Sounds and Music after Breathing, Stretching and a Meditative Moment. Each Child can take a gallery photo with project and can choose to keep or leave for public display.

Meditation - Guided, with General and Specific topics of Healthy Living, Inner Peace with  Gentile and Strong Encouraging Mantras. 


Musical Creation Sessions - Individual  and Group Sessions - Participation in Creation of Healing Tunes and Vibration.  Percussion and Acoustic Instruments to choose from.


Serious Giggles Workshop - Group and Individual

Laughter Creation sessions to Brighten the mood by tickling the Funny Bone, to Methodically Massage the Middle from the Giggles. Costumes & Masks are Optional and encouraged.


Creative Movement &Yoga - Fun and Physical Balance combined with Core stirring movement, Stretching, Flexibility and Challenging Poses.

Celebration, Party or Camp Bookings - including tailored Meditation, Dream Board, Laughter and Life Enriching Lessons through storytelling, Fantasy Fairy Tale, and skit participation packages are available.

Therapeutic & Retail Products

Aqua Chi Ionic Foot Spa Detox - (20/30/45 min's for $30-$50)Using the over 2000 pore openings on the foot surface to ionically pull toxins, poisons, harmful minerals, metals and parasites from the Body's Organs, Blood, Plasma and Mucous.  Also Pulling 3 to 10 lbs of waste from all areas as well. 


This service can be coupled with the Reflexology & Herbal Spa services for an addtional fee.

Reflexology Foot Massage - ($25/$35/$50) adding warmed esential oils for a tintilating foot rub focusing on each relative body organ and funtion to clear and open healing pathways through touch and stimulation.


Hebal Foot Soak -  ( $20 for 30 minute soak) We Administer Therapeudic and Essential Herbs and Aromas, tailored to your condition or focus. This can be  utilized seperate or bundled with other Therapeutic and Art Services

Alkaline and Artesian Water $ 6.00 per Gallon (as available)

Oils- Holistic and Vanity $5, $10 and $20 (Priced as Marked)



Shea Butter

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Various Metaphysical Wholistic and Health Related Books

Jewelry,  Wands, Walking Staphs, & Copper Accessories (Priced as Marked)

Class & Workshop Recordings DVD/CD  ( 20% Discount Day of Class Attendance) $20


Aura Photo Readings $45 to $125 sessions are availalble

Astro Chart Print Out $25 with

Reading and Consultation $55 (up to 45 minutes)

*$15 per (30-50 mile radius) Mobile Fee for Delivery of Goods or Services under $100

**Indoor and Outdoor Session Scheduling Available

***20% Discount for:

  • Collective Health Initiative Members

  • Senior 65+

  • Practitioners

Services available for Schools, Senior or Group Living, Hospital, Municipal & Corporate Sites

Ask Us About **Special Requests and Party Package Arrangements 

WHAT WE DO & What You can expect..



.features and benefits...

We Share Artistic ways of Naturally Relieving Stress.  
We Introduce and Combine Healing Modalities with Art, to Charge, Revive, and Rejuvenate The inalienable Artist in Everyone.


We Use Healing Tones, Soothing Music, Light/Color Baths, Essential Aroma, Meditation, Healing Touch,  Breathing Techniques, Helpful Holistic Tools, along with Free Expression for Artistic Creation  

We Nurture, Energize, and Revitalize, the Inner Child to Play & Dream, While benefiting the  Mind, Body & Soul Connection and Conditions. Tuning into and re-Aligning With Self

Love+Art=Wellness & M(a)MS Can bring the Zen to You for Your Private or Group Art/Wellness Event or Party  Site.
We Offer a Complimentary Healthy Arts Consultations, modifications,  and participation suggestions. 
We can provide Referrals to Holistic Practitioners, and Accept Approvals for Modifications.

⦁    Better Circulation and increased blood flow to the brain and organs
⦁    Overall better sense of problem solving, 
⦁    Heightened Sensitivites to Inner Self 
⦁    More Moments of Happiness, 
⦁     Healthy Lifestyle changes