Tweens to Teens Turbo Arts

Youth Healthy Art Services  - for Individuals, Parties, Schools & Scouts

Tweens and Teens 9 to 19 (ADA friendly)

Metaphysical Art Sessions - Age appropriate groups - Creative Projects from Dream Boards to Extreme Coloring while listening to Sounds of Nature and Music after Breathing, Stretching and a Meditative Moment. Each Child can take a gallery photo with project and can choose to keep or leave for public display.

Meditation - Guided, with General and Specific topics of Healthy Living, Inner Peace with Gentle and Strong Encouraging Mantras. 


Musical Creation Sessions - Individual  and Group Sessions - Participation in Creation of Healing Tunes and Vibration.  Percussion and Acoustic Instruments to choose from.


Serious Giggles Workshop - Group and Individual

Laughter Creation sessions to Brighten the mood by tickling the Funny Bone, to Methodically Massage the Middle from the Giggles. Costumes & Masks are Optional and encouraged.


Creative Movement &Yoga - Fun and Physical Balance combined with Core stirring movement, Stretching, Flexibility and Challenging Poses.

Celebration, Party or Camp Bookings - including tailored Meditation, Dream Board, Laughter and Life Enriching Lessons through storytelling, Fantasy Fairy Tale, and skit participation packages are available.